Thursday, November 8, 2018

Best Love Good Night Messages

Here are some beautiful and most romantic good night sms for your love.

SMS of love Good night 01

   When the night comes, when things rest, when the eyelids close, like a rose that folds, I love this moment when I tell you with love Good Night my angel ... Here you have more love Good night messages.

SMS of love Good night 02

   My darling, I would love to be with you right now! Have a good night, sweet dreams. I miss you.

SMS of love Good night 03

   Sleeping without wishing an excellent and peaceful night to those who matter in my life is a violation of my oath of love so get a good night's sleep .

SMS of love Good night 04

   This night a feast of the tribute of sweet dreams will visit you on my behalf, I gave him for you tons of affection and a big kiss. Good night !

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SMS of love Good night 05

   We can tell a baby not to cry, we can tell the birds not to sing, but we can not tell my heart not to love you. Good night, darling .

SMS of love Good night 06

   With a kiss under a starry night I'm going to dream ... look at all her stars, it's all these kisses that I'm going to put on your bare skin ... Bone night my angel.

SMS of love Good night 07

   I send you a kiss of love, as light as a feather, will come to rest on your pillow to join you in your dreams goodnight my heart.

SMS of love Good night 08

   It's not because you were not in bed that night that I'm not going to say good night and wish you a good night . I love you my dear.

Love SMS Good night 09

   All the waves of the sea, all the perfumes of flowers, all the angels of paradise are gathered around your bed to tell you good night ...

Wishing Good Night Messages For Lover

Good night message 01
Love is when I fall asleep in your arms and I wake up in your dreams.

Message good night 02

Sweet Dreams. You are the only one to have touched my heart. He will always belong to you. Sleep well, my only love. I love you.

Good night message 03

From you, I languish, day and night, your passion, your caresses, your love.

Good night message 04

I make you a kiss just like a snowflake, which comes to rest on your lips. To you, my pretty white rose that haunts my dreams.

Good night message 05

I wish I could be with you every night, watch you sleep and kiss you with love garments, Good night my love.

Good night message 06

In this path of flowers in a thousand colors there is one that makes my heart capsize and you are the flower that capsizes my little heart I have a poetic soul tonight but I know it's late I blast you a kiss and let you dream.

Message Goodnight My Love 
Here you will find the best collection of lovely good night messages. Send these messages to your loved ones and make them realize that how much you care for them.

Message good night 07

I like when you look at me in the night, like an angel who reveals himself with your beautiful star gaze, this look that dazzles me.

Good night message 08

The weather announces for this night a loud roar of love, a heart-shaped lightning and fine rains that will fall on your lips as a sign of our love.

Message good night 09

Yesterday evening I dreamed about you my baby, the day I drooled without being able to resist this first kiss, for me it was love at first sight, a feeling of thirst. It was a never-ending moment, no time to dream, and then wake up, and continue to love us with an unfinished love.

Good night message 10

I go to heaven to put your name on a golden star, so that all the angels can see how much my love for you and so much.

Good night message 11

I send you a plane of kisses in a sky of love covered with a cloud of tenderness carried away by a wind of happiness hoping that it will crash on your heart. Good night message 12